Prices may vary. Please visit us for a free estimate.


  • Soldering a 10K, 14K & 18K solid gold chain starts at $18.00
  • Soldering a sterling silver chain starts at $10.00
  • Soldering a platinum chain starts at $20.00
  • We also shorten & lengthen chains.
  • We add gold to worn out jump rings, chain ends & bails.

Ring Sizing

  • Sizing a 10K, 14K & 18K ring up or down starts at $39.00.
  • Sizing a basic 2mm width shank is $10.00 each size up.
  • 3mm is $15.00, 4mm is $20.00 per size & so on.
  • Platinum starts at $75.00 to go up or down, additional charges are added for metal width, thickness & design.
  • We also remove old shanks and add new half shanks to rings that are worn, $120 and up.


Polishing rings starts at $8.00 per item. Rhodium plating starts at $28.00 per item & includes polishing.

Fixing a Diamond or Stone Setting

We repair worn out prongs by re-tipping or replacing settings. These kinds of repairs are usually complex and we recommend bringing the item in for an estimate.

Watch Repair

To replace a silver oxide or lithium battery starts at $10.00, some batteries can run up to $35.00 (rare). We do give discounts for multiple watches that are brought in together. We work on most of the high grade watch names out there.

Watch Sizing

To remove watch links starts at $10.00.  If soldering is involved, for example, on a 14K watch band prices start at $35.00. Design & difficulty will influence pricing. 

We use artisans, high & low tech methods to design manufacture & repair jewelry. We use lasers,
3-D CAD programs, binocular microscopes and other hardware to achieve desired results.

Custom Work

We specialize in customizing old gold, silver, diamonds and colored stones into new beautiful designs.
It all starts by you telling us what you want. From there we create the wax or find the mounting. Once approved by you, the design is casted in the desired metal.

We pre-polish it, and after the 2nd approval we start setting the stones.

This process takes several weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the item.