Meet Our Owner

Dave started working in his parent’s store, Lynne’s Jewelers, after high school in 1976. He found that working with gold and silver, gems, diamonds and fire was something he just naturally gravitated to. At the time, the bench jeweler in the store taught Dave the fine points of working with jewelry. In 1983 Dave was certified by GIA (Gem Institute of America) in diamonds. In 1994 he was certified by GIA in detection of synthetic diamonds. Dave has over 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry.  Through those years he has acquired a deep and thorough knowledge of all facets of custom design and jewelry repair. He has also acquired a large and varied contact pool of specialty jewelry crafts people, as well as expert watch repair.

Our History

The family of Elias Pardo, Dave’s dad, fled France prior to World War II. They landed in Cuba where he was made fun of in school for not knowing the native language. The family then migrated to Mexico.


As a young man, Eli established a jewelry business of his own, packing silver jewelry, beads, and gifts onto a donkey and going into the jungles of central Mexico to sell his wares. His business thrived and after a few years he decided to try his hand in the manufacture of jewelry.


In the mid 1950s, Eli moved to Chicago and worked for a manufacturer of fine jewelry. From there he moved west to Los Angeles, enjoying the vibrant nightlife and eventually meeting his wife, Norma at a dance club on the West Side. He worked in the downtown wholesale jewelry district.

His dream was to have his own jewelry store to support his growing family.


In 1969 he opened Lynne’s Jewelers in Sun Valley. In 1981 he brought his family to the Simi Valley area from Northridge and purchased Anderson Jewelers from its founder, Hal Anderson.  In January, 1985, the Moorpark store was started by Dave and his mom, Norma, in what was the newest center in town.


After 26 years in that center, we moved to our current location in the Gateway Plaza at the corner of Los Angeles Avenue and Spring Road.